Between Kitay-gorod and the Kremlin

1 The northeast exit of the Kitay-gorod Metro station, All Saints' Church and the House of Steel-workers

2 Memorial plate of Orjonikidze, the early-Soviet Comissar of Industry, on the House of Steel-workers

3 The eastern side of the Governmental Quarter

4 Varvarka street from Kitay-gorod Metro

5 Estate of the Romanovs nobles (rus. boyare Romanovi), who in 1613 became the Russian royal dinasty until 1917.

6 The Old English Court

7 Church of St. Maxim the Confessor

8 St. Anna's Church

9 St. Anna's Church

9 St. Anna's Church against the Russia Hotel in 1981, from

10 Office buildings in Kitaygorodskii Proezd and the southern side of the House of Steel-workers

11 Entrance from Kitaygorodskii Proezd to the former elite military Dzerzhinskii Academy, that territory will probably soon be taken by offices and apartments

12 Passage along the eastern side of the House of Steel-workers towards Kitay-gorod